Monday, July 24, 2006

Uncool Ebay Sellers

Ebay’s feedback system is quite flawed. I’m sure everybody knows this but I’m going to write about it anyway. When I sell something on Ebay, feedback is given once I’m paid. As a seller, that is what counts, being paid. As a buyer, I give feedback once I receive the item, and make sure it is as described. What I don’t like is when sellers who have been paid on time, shipped their item, refuse to give feedback until you have left feedback for them.

Why is that wrong? Well, because I can be the best customer in the world, always paid on time, never ripping anybody off, but if the seller ships me something bogus, or broken, or not as described and I leave them negative feedback, they can simply retaliate by doing the same to me.

Of course, we all know that eBay is all about protecting the seller, because, that is where they make their money.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crab Feast

We finally did it, a crab feast at our house for our friends and family. Amy put in our order for a bushel of crabs on Friday to be picked up at 1:30 today. Last week we invited some family and friends to join us in Frederick for all the crabs you can eat, at least until a bushel was gone.

Amy, Brandon, and Steve were the crab eating champions. I ate some steamed shrimp and some of Amy’s claws. Also on the menu was corn on the cob and sausage, which, along with some potatoes and onions made up Amy’s steamed, well, boiled shrimp recipe. They were good.

Robin said “I’ll eat a dozen crabs” LOL yeah right, I’m sure she will comment and let us know how many she really ate, but it was probably more like four.

We had seventeen crabs left. We sent six home with Steve and a half dozen home with Brandon and Amy has five plus a bunch of claws in the refrigerator.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Family Reunion 2006

Once again we made the trip out to my Grandparent’s house in central West Virginia for their family reunion. I really like spending time with the family and the kids really have a blast. Well, Alex does, Aidan, he just got passed around a lot which he didn’t mind, as long as he got is floor time.

We had high speed internet at the hotel we stayed at, which made Amy really happy. She updated her online journal just about every day. Having a hotel room is a definite plus with the kids. It gives them a chance to unwind and settle down. Not to mention long hot showers where nobody is waiting in line after you.

We went to the Barbour County fireworks display. Terri was trying to get us to leave at eight o’clock, but it turns out that the fireworks didn’t start until ten! It worked out though, we parked the van just outside the gate, had a great view from the tailgate seats, and we didn’t have to wait in traffic to go home.

Tuesday the fourth was our day to travel home. Instead of taking the interstate the whole way, we decided to take some back roads through central WV. The good part about that is, you get to see a lot of the country side, and stop at Black Water Falls State Park! Even though it rained on us, it was a nice break from the trip. This time Alex wasn’t even scared as he was the last time we stopped there.