Saturday, October 25, 2008

Official Specimen Ballot

We received our official specimen ballots in the mail and as expected, there are no real good choices for president.

I don't really understand how they figure out the order that the candidates are listed.

For president, it starts with Barack Obama, with John McCain second and some lesser known candidates further down if you are reading top to bottom before left to right. If you read the table left to right then top to bottom Obama would be first, with Nader second, and McCain third.

The order seems random, with the exception of the Democrats being first and Republicans being second. It doesn't go by alphabetical order for the first or last name, state, or even party.

The same goes with the candidates for Maryland's 6th congressional district. It starts with Jennifer Dougherty then Roscoe Bartlett, with Gary W. hoover, Sr. at the bottom for the Libertarian party.

The common theme, well, the top slot in both cases is occupied by Democrats. I wonder if it is just a coincidence or something more.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zoe's Big Girl Bed

I setup Zoe's bed today. We have had it for quite a while, but never put it together because there wasn't enough room for the bed and the crib together. After putting it together, I went out and bought a mattress, and Amy bought sheets pillows and a comforter.

The crib has been disassembled, so Zoe will sleep in a bed from now on!

There is a pillow on the floor just in case, but I think she will do just fine.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Jennifer Dougherty, Maryland 6th District Congressional Candidate

McCain is almost certainly going to be my choice for President this election, as is Roscoe Bartlett, but until now, I really haven't looked into Jennifer Dougherty. So, I have spent some time reading Jennifer's web site.

I don't think I learned much about her platform. Most of her platforms seem to be aligned with Obama, but I don't think that Jennifer realizes that people generally have different expectations of their congressional representation than they do from their president. While there will be many voters who will vote for her because they are voting for Obama and she is another Democrat on the ticket, most voters, especially Maryland's 6th congressional district voters, will vote for a candidate based on the candidate's record, character, and their stance on the issues. Even if Obama gets more votes that McCain here in the 6th district, which is unlikely, I don't think that Jennifer will win.

Roscoe Bartlett isn't the perfect candidate, but I do believe that he looks out for the interests of his constituents, and his votes generally reflect their will. Interestingly enough, the first thing I saw on Jennifer's web site was about Bartlett. Roscoe's web site makes no mention of Jennifer Dougherty that I could find, even by using google to search

I generally don't focus on the negative, but I don't understand how someone could lose a race for mayor in Frederick and expect to win a race for congress in the 6th district.

200,000 Miles

My car hit a milestone on Tuesday, 200,000 miles. I wanted to take a a few pictures and a video, but I wasn't in a good spot to manipulate a camera so I could only safely get the two pictures. The 200,000 mile mark while I was exiting Interstate 95 North at exit 53 onto Interstae 395 North in Baltimore. Just before I got to the exit, the traffic was a bit of a challenge, but it let up just enough for me to manipulate the camera for pictures.

The car is a 1999 Dodge Avenger ES with a 2.5 liter 6 cylendar Mitsubishi engine. I'm not much of a car guy, but I do try to take fairly good care of it. Over the years it hasn't given me too much trouble. Early on, a transmission sensor would fail, and a few years back it left me on the side of I-270 a few times which turned out to be a problem with the coil pack ignition. The first time the mechanic couldn't find anything wrong, then a few days later it happened again, and I suggested that the mechanic actually find something wrong with it.

I hope it lasts two more years. That would be enough time for the van to be paid off and I will have some flexability in choosing my next car. If the car should die before then, I'll probably just get a new Toyota Corolla, or something similar. Cheap, good milage, and reliable will be my only requirements. Oh and it must have cruise control, without cruise control, I'll end up with tons of speeding tickets.