Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alex's Cub Scout Fundraiser

Alex is selling popcorn to support his Cub Scout activities. Most folks that know me know that I'm not a big fan of fundraisers. Last year we bought popcorn from others and just wrote some big checks. This year my check writing ability isn't what it was, so, I figured I'd have Alex participate in the fundraiser.

Alex's online popcorn link:

The online ordering is great since friends and family who aren't local can order from Alex too! We'll add that to going door to door in the neighborhood (competing with all of the other scouts in the neighborhood) and selling to other friends, co-workers, and family (competing with Aaron of course).

The Scout popcorn fundraiser is interesting in that you have the option to "Send popcorn to the troops" as in, send popcorn to military service members. There is a $25 & $40 level to do that. I'm not sure exactly how that works though. I know that in fundraisers I've done in the past many folks just preferred to give a donation, maybe this is aimed at that crowd.

Our biggest disadvantage is that our pack meets on the last Tuesday of the month and a lot of other popcorn selling boys, including Aaron have a head start on us. We'll see how we do!