Thursday, July 31, 2008

John McCain Likes Craps

Awesome! I just found out that John McCain likes to play craps, and may be a serious craps player. I would love to play at a table with him. Now some folks say that this is a bad thing, like somehow this sort of gambling would mean that he couldn’t be a good president. I beg to differ. Craps is fun, and to play for hours and hours, you need to play smart. Every dollar on the table is a risk, but there are places on the table that are riskier than others. As I’ve mentioned before, smart craps play leaves the casino with the smallest advantage for taking your money. I’ve been at the craps table for hours and hours, but I’m no gambling addict, it is just a lot of fun!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Craps is the best game in the casino, and no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. I’m realistic, to me; it is all about playing a game, not really winning money. While winning money is nice, if you go in to a casino with some sort of expectation that you’ll walk away with a lot more than you started with, you’ll probably walk out disappointed. For craps to be fun and so you can play for a while, you need to start with a reasonable stack of chips compared to the minimum bet. While they are tempting, and I take them every so often, you are throwing away money on the sucker bets, and the more money you lose senselessly, the less playing time you’ll have. I always make minimum pass line and come bets, and double odds. Sometimes I go higher on the odds if I’m up a lot of chips, in the long run, the higher odds you can play, the lower the house advantage.

So far this week I’ve played craps for about 4 hours while drinking several free sodas. I started with $390 in cash, and after 4 hours, I have $400. While at times I had $600 in chips, maybe a little more with the bets on the table, I was also down to about $180 at one point. I didn’t make any money, but I was able to play craps for several hours, and for me, that is the point, and it cost me nothing.

Don’t fool yourself, the odds are that in the long long run, you will lose money at craps, but if you play it smart, you’ll get to play for much longer for your money than you would with black jack, roulette, etc. And the winning streaks can really pay off, as long as you know when to quit. When Amy is with me, I seem to know when to quit, when she is not, I don’t. I’ll probably play for a couple more hours over the next two days, the best outcome, will be to quit on a winning streak, followed by breaking even, and even if I lose money, it will be plenty fun.