Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 5 @ camp Ross

It is the last day, well, sort of, we will be here one more night and leaving first thing in the morning. The boys did lashings at scoutcraft this morning which Alex seemed to like. Alex enjoyed making a candle this morning at handicraft, I'm wondering if it will melt in this heat. It has been hot this week, but today is the hottest at about 97 degrees. They worked on aquanaut and the boys that passed their swim test as swimmers earned their activity badge. Now, it is three hours of open program and once again I have no idea what Alex is up to as he is out with a buddy visiting various program areas. Looking forward to tonight's campfire!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have we been at Goshen 5 days already?

Starting out with last nights Catholic mass, it was awesome, the pastor took the time to explain setting up an alter and making the space we were in like a church. A good homily about growing boys at camp. Alex missed it because he wanted to go with his buddies to the interfaith service.

This morning they worked on readyman, more on their service project, and visited camp Bowman to see an actual boy scout camp. Alex also finished his pack 195 sign for the dining hall. Now they are at the Jolly Rock swimming hole which Alex is enjoying immensely. Later today they are going to nature for geologist and they are planning to shoot some more bbs if they make it back from Jolly Rock in time. After dinner there will be some pioneer themed games.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 4 at camp Ross

Yeah, I have two day 2 posts. Today was the big hike to viewing rock which we did after boating in the morning where he paddled a canoe and a funoe. I ended up rowing another scout around taking pictures. This afternoon he did swimming, bbs, and archery. He spent the whole time in the swimmers area and was able to improve his shooting. Right now he's out at open program with a buddy and I have no idea what he is up to.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 2 at Camp Ross

Today the boys had teamwork challenge and started their service project, making toilet paper holders for some latrines. Alex started his pack 195 totem for the dining hall. After lunch, they shot some arrows at archery followed by boating where Alex got to row a row boat followed by a bit of a dip in the lake. Dinner was made on the fire on the form of tin foil meals supplemented by some Mac and cheese and fruit. They just finished up their in camp campfire where they did skits told jokes and riddles.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Goshen Scout Reservation, camp Ross day2

The first few days of the Goshen experience is supposed to be a lot like camp Snyder and for the most part, it is. Alex rotated through planned program areas on a set schedule. Nature, handicraft, scoutcraft, and bbs. The big difference is the swimming, no pool so today's swim check was in the lake. Alex passed and is a swimmer at scout camp for the first time! I'm not sure he realizes it but that will make a big difference tomorrow when he does boating.

Last nights camp fire was pretty cool. Some of the skits we've soon, of course, but they were still fun to watch. The staff here really know how to do campfires, two big ones in the back with little viewing fires in front to illuminate the performers.

At this point it is pouring rain and Alex is out in it somewhere while I am hanging out in the tent. He's going to be soaked, good thing the towles are dry

Lastly, we got a perfect score on today's camp inspection.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goshen Camp Ross Day 1

Arrived a little later than we planned but it worked out. Since it is just Alex and I we were put with a large pack of boys (1483) and Alex has already made some friends. Being with a big pack got us in to a great camp site! Looking forward to tonight's campfire and dinner was great. Also looking forward to the rest of the week. After the tour, I can tell that the programs are going to be awesome. He's going to be taking his swim test in the lake!