Friday, November 09, 2007


They just put a Subway sandwich shop near where I work. When it comes to Subway, the best part about their sandwiches is the fresh baked bread. I've been going there a bit and they keep asking me if I want my sub toasted. Why? I chose Subway, I didn't go to Quiznos for a reason, because I wanted a Subway sub, on tasty fresh baked bread that hasn't been ruined in a glorified microwave. So, here is the deal, when I want a toasted sub, I'll go to Quiznos and when I want a sub on fresh untoasted bread, I'll go to Subway, and there is no need to ask me if I want the sub toasted.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Amy's Blogging

Amy has been blogging regularly and should be for the rest of the month. There is something called National Blog Posting Month where you write at least one blog post per day for the month of November.