Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A visit from the Sheriff

Ok, so it was a deputy sheriff, but to the point. Amy and I were sleeping and are awakened by knocking on our front door. I heard the sound but didn’t register what it was when Amy woke me further by saying “someone is knocking on the door”. So, I went to Andy’s room to look down from his window to see who might be at the door. To my surprise, and somewhat of relief, it was a Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputy. It turns out that Alex’s father called and indicated that Amy had threatened to hurt Alex in some way. I asked the deputy if he wanted to go upstairs to check on Alex but he declined. Amy arrived at the door soon after to offer further explanation. After further discussion with the deputy, it was clear that the deputy knew that Alex’s father was just trying to stir up some trouble, but they have to check these things out.

About two hours earlier, Alex’s father had called the house to make demands for his visitation while he is in jail. Oh yes, he has violated his probation, not the first time, and is expecting to be locked up after his court date on December 20. He has this plan, to be out on work release every other weekend instead of working, will spend that time with Alex. For one, that sounds illegal to me, if not just a bad idea. We fully plan to provide appropriate visitation to Alex’s paternal grandparents, most likely one weekend per month and their birthdays. A full weekend per month is a lot more than Alex’s other grandparents get to spend with him. Also, during that time, if Alex’s grandparents wish to take Alex to see his father, legally, that is fine also. Interestingly enough, the only person we have heard from is Alex’s father, not his paternal grandparents, at this stage, they do not seem interested, or perhaps they do not know what is going on.

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Anonymous said...

Ack....what an ass! I am assuming that you are referring to an EX that made the call to the sherriff?