Thursday, September 15, 2005

Costco’s Gas Wasn’t Cheap

At least they had gas for a change, but I didn’t get gas at Costco yesterday. When I drove by Sheetz on my way to Costco, I noticed that it was $2.77, wow, I’m calling that cheap, compared to Costco’s gas at $2.85, I guess it could be called cheap. I was almost completely empty, something I don’t let happen too often. Traffic was so bad yesterday that I ended up using a lot more gas than I expected on my way to and from work. Still, I turned around and went back to Sheetz to get gas instead of Costco. I guess that’s ok, when Costco was out of gas all the time, Sheetz was my fill up spot.


Anonymous said...

I got gas at sheetz today at 2.85 and I got food. I LOVE THE FOOD THERE. Brandon

cryptojoe said...

Sheetz subs are pretty good! Let’s see, Amy likes hers with Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Ranch Dressing, Salt, and Pepper. I think that’s it!

Anonymous said...

Gas prices...I wonder if MD has a state law that gas prices can only be increased once a day like some other states have.