Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Baby Names

I have this uncanny desire to name our new baby with a name that starts with the letter A. It seems that Amy and I had a good grasp on names for girls, and I had settled on names that did not begin with A, something about having a boy is pushing me toward the A names. Of course, we have Andrew, and we have Alexander, both given names starting with the letter A before Amy and I even met, there is just something that seems right with naming our baby boy with a name starting with the letter A. We can’t use Aaron, the boys have a first cousin named Aaron. The name we’ve been discussing the most is Aidan, which I’ve only seen spelled as Aden, but Amy assures me that Aidan is the correct spelling. Let’s hope the next two children are girls, the names will be much easier to figure out, as we pretty much know what we want to do, or at least what we are compromising on. Then again, they won’t ask me what the name is going to be, so, when the time comes, it’s all up to Amy


Anonymous said...


I thought it might be Scottish origin, but it is Hebrew.


Loveprincess00 said...

I suggested the name Aidan a long time ago. It was the name of one of Carrie's boyfriends on Sex and the City. I think its a cute name. Although i do prefer Anikan better. : )

Brandon said...

I think Aiden rocks as a name. You also have adrian, alejandro, Aure, and of course Asparagus, instead of apple.

Anonymous said...

Avery is a good name, for either a boy or girl