Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Steve Ballmer and Dinner

Last night at AeA’s Annual Technology for Government Dinner I got to hear Steve Ballmer speak. It was interesting, and I see some of the same things in the future technology as he does, but some other things seem way too gadgety to actually be useful. Like the display as thin as paper that will replace paper. I don’t think that paper will really need to be replaced in our everyday lives while we live here on earth. One comment really resonated with me, that while they add more and more features to mobile phones, it still better be a great device for making phone calls. I agree, I actually like old school mobile phones without all the fancy stuff, because they are just that, great at making phone calls, and that is all I really need.

The dinner was pretty good, at least the main course and desert. The soup and salad wasn’t so, except for the bacon and fried mozzarella ball that was with the salad. The main course was fillet minion and salmon with potato and asparagus. I could have really used a coke though, drink selections were water and wine, so, I drank a lot of water.

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