Wednesday, December 24, 2008

WhooHoo - I'm on Techdirt

I think this is the first time I've been mentioned, linked even, on mainstream blog (well, mainstream to me). I try to read techdirt a few times a week and find it an interesting source on things that are wrong with things like online censorship, copyright, patents, and so on. I recently ran into my own interesting brush with what a copyright issue that I wasn't pleased with. The short story is, a company bought the rights to Heathkit, and has been on a mission to remove copies of the old manuals from web sites where they have existed for years. This was just the sort of thing that I would read about on techdirt, so I sent them the tip and they posted it today! Old Electronics Kit Manuals Forced Offline Thanks To Copyright. My favorite part is "from the can't-learn-unless-you-pay dept".


BendWeather said...

Where can we find your your source for info on the Heath Kit manual issue? Who have these guys (this guy?) forced to stop selling Heathkit manuals?

Joseph Martin Durnal said...

A lot of the manuals were simply scanned and posted on to web sites. I saw it here first Some other folks have told me that they've been asked to remove the manual scans.