Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amy mentioned in QST

QST is the monthly journal of the American Radio Relay League, also known as the National Association for Amateur Radio. Basically, QST is a ham radio magazine. I am the ham radio operator in the family, and hopefully, one or more of my harmonics (children) will get their license and get involved with radio too. Amy though doesn't have plans to get a ham radio license any time soon.

I don't recall my name ever being mentioned in QST, but I got an e-mail from David, K3PO the other day telling me to check out page 12 of the May QST. Sure enough, there was Amy's name and web site.

The lead time on stuff being printed in QST is pretty long, but it is referencing her blog post on January 20, inauguration day. The one where I admit I’m proud of him.

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