Thursday, August 06, 2009

Philmont 1993

I happened to see a local troop's Philmont group photo on the web the other day and I've been wanting to get mine scanned. Here it is:

Top Row:
Andy Greib, Paul Thomas, Larry Thomas, Shawn Mitchell, and Mike Stumpfoil (Stumpy)

Bottom Row:
Jeremiah (the messiah) Cheipellie, Joseph Durnal (me), Bob (the Ranger), Dave Leasure (McLeasure), Ian Hays.

This and the troop sailing trip the year later are some of the best memories of my teen years.


DiZent said...

There might be some pictures of the sailing trip in Robin's closet

Loveprincess00 said...

I Have pics from the sailing trip. lol well the ones with Austin in them anyway. lol they are my Austin Blackmail pics

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