Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Microsoft Technet Forums Recognition System

I just figured out what the little medals next to your avatar on Microsoft’s Technet forums, it is a recognition system to let others know how helpful you are on the forum. Well apparently, I’m not very helpful. As forums go, I probably post most messages on, an amateur radio forum, but coming in a close second would be the Technet forums, but I only have one medal, and all you have to do to get that is to reply to one question. To get to two medals, I need 750 points, and so far I’m only up to 213. For five medals, you need 15,001 points or more, wow. A reply to a question is worth two points, having your reply marked as an answer is worth 10, and having your post marked as helpful counts as 5 points. My guess is that you’d have to have the answer to a good 750 to 1000 questions to end up with 5 medals. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and one of these days, I might get up to two, but I’m not very worried about it. The main point of this blog post was just to post something because I hadn’t posted something in a while and my blog was brought up in an interview today.

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