Saturday, September 04, 2010

Scout Popcorn 2010

Last year Alex sold about $2800 in popcorn, and wow, it sure was a lot of work. We still have popcorn from last year that we can't deliver, people moved, incorrect address recorded for the sale, etc. Since it was our first year selling any sort of fund raiser, I learned a lot of lessons, of which one is to be sure that you get all the information on the order form and double check it :).

The $2500 goal we set last year was specifically to earn the scholarship and to get a free week (well, for Alex, weekend) at camp. A free week at camp would be a big plus this summer, especially since he will be old enough for a week long resident camp, which will be more expensive than last year.

Alex's online orders can be placed here:
Be sure it says supporting Scout Alexander D. in the green box near the upper right. If it doesn't, click change and enter the Scout ID 3228729

Now, to find time to work on some video sales messages :)

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