Monday, July 25, 2011

Goshen Scout Reservation, camp Ross day2

The first few days of the Goshen experience is supposed to be a lot like camp Snyder and for the most part, it is. Alex rotated through planned program areas on a set schedule. Nature, handicraft, scoutcraft, and bbs. The big difference is the swimming, no pool so today's swim check was in the lake. Alex passed and is a swimmer at scout camp for the first time! I'm not sure he realizes it but that will make a big difference tomorrow when he does boating.

Last nights camp fire was pretty cool. Some of the skits we've soon, of course, but they were still fun to watch. The staff here really know how to do campfires, two big ones in the back with little viewing fires in front to illuminate the performers.

At this point it is pouring rain and Alex is out in it somewhere while I am hanging out in the tent. He's going to be soaked, good thing the towles are dry

Lastly, we got a perfect score on today's camp inspection.

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