Thursday, March 02, 2006

Discover Cards

A couple of weeks ago, we lost one of our credit cards, so, we thought it would be best to get a new account. A couple of weeks go by, and no cards show up. I finally get around to calling them and it turns out that they didn’t ship them in the first place, but they did change the account. They sent them two us next day, which was actually two days because I called at night.

The cards arrived today and what a surprise, the look like crap! I liked my old silver discover card, it worked for me. Now I have this orange one. But it gets worse, Amy’s has this 1960’s hippy van/bus thing on it!

My Card

Amy's Card

I figure, I’ll keep this one for a few months, then order a replacement.


CreditUser said...

Do you pay attention to credit card design in the first place indeed? Hmm.. As for me, it is more important to have low interest rates, rewards program, and so on, but not my favourite color. I use credit card for convenience and really don't care about its palette.

susankellogg said...

Well, I agree that your new credit card design is not the best one. But keep your chin up. Orange is a good color, too. And one more thing. Recently I have come across an interesting article about credit card image. Hope, you will like it.