Monday, March 06, 2006

Final Solution

You have to be careful how you use words these days. I sent an e-mail related to some technical work I am doing on a problem, and said "The final solution to this problem would be …" . Someone pointed out to me that "The Final Solution" was the term that Adolph Hitler used when describing the elimination of the Jews. I knew that, but when I'm in geek land, the history of the world isn’t exactly filtering my e-mails. I guess these days you can never be too politically correct. Maybe they should add a political correctness or sensitivity filter to Microsoft Word to go with the spell checker.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Don't ever let the PC bastards get you down. You know the context is which you used that phrase. If someone else is bothered, while understanding what you actually meant, that is THEIR issue, not yours. There is so much real danger, so many real problems in the world. People worrying about this stuff are misdirected in their concerns.

Hope you and your family are well.

Earl Voss