Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A little snow

Wow the roads were a mess this morning. Last night around 7pm we got about an inch of snow, maybe a little less. I was listening to the ham radio last night and some folks were out driving in it, the roads weren't that good. This morning it was still pretty bad. There were major accidents on I270, and 2 on US 15 which I take to get to work. It wasn't a lot of snow, and it was snow, not ice, but it sure did make a mess of the roads. Tomorrow they are calling for ice and snow, now that should make for an interesting commute.

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Anonymous said...

you haven't blogged since 2007. We use DA/Script logic. One person received the error you described back in 2007.

What are your thoughts on SL/DA now? if your company is still using it.