Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Passed Extra Exam

Two more weeks of study was all I needed. I'm now an Extra class amateur radio operator. Not to long ago, you would have had to pass a 20 word per minute Morse code proficiency exam to get to this level. Right now, it is only 5, which I passed a while back. After Friday February 23, 2007, there will be no Morse code exams at all, for any amateur radio exam. I'm proud to say I passed the exam before that happened. I think I'll be changing my call sign as well, but before I can start that process the FCC has to update my information. Hopefully today.

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Earl Voss said...

Hi Joe,

Congrats on passing the exam! For my part, I passed the General in 10/2005 and just wanted to wait untill the FCC dropped the Morse requirment. However, it was my bad luck that the decision wasn't made until after my General CSCE lapsed. I got off track after the '05 Holidays and never got to take the AE exam, although I ahve the manual and the electronics background. I know you don't agree with this, but I saw no need for Morse at all ( I leaarned about vacuum tubes in school too, but we don't use them anymore except for specific circumstances :-) ). Anyway, I hope to study for AE this spring. I just wanted to offer my congrats.

Earl - KC2ORQ