Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Anvil Restaurant Responds

We are sorry that your experience was less than great at our restaurant. We have been in business almost 22 years and always try our best to please!

It is our understanding that some member of your group caused quite a sitr during the evening and delayed the group as aw hole. We have attached a letter from another member from your group with an apology for the behaviors!

We hope you will accept our apology and hope you will join us again. A gift certificate is enclosed for $20.00


Danny E. Smith


17 May 2007

M/M Danny & Ann Smith,
The Anvil Restaurant
Post Office Box 707
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Subject: Letter of Appreciation

On behalf of our Association, please accept my thanks for making us welcome in your restaurant yesterday evening and for the courtesy and assistance of your staff members during and after the dinner. Ms Renee Smith, as our hostess, did an outstanding job of handling the unnecessarily obstreperous wife of one of our members and was a great help to me.

I was involved in assisting my wife to exit the restaurant. I was so concerned for my wife’s safety that I was not available to take the appropriate action and intervene as Ms Smith was enduring the unwarranted criticism that I noted while we were leaving. Obviously there is one medication for migraine that does not go well with two excellent cocktails.

There was one entrée delivered a bit late, but I did not get any criticisms from any of our members or their guests concerning food service. The lady who was served late was not angry or displeased. The woman who took it upon herself to complain was not an officer or member of the club and has caused this kind of trouble for the last time. We expect that she will be moving away next month and that will simplify our situation. We have been asked by other restaurants to ensure that she no longer be a guest at our monthly dinners.

Thanks Again,


Now, for my comments:

I was at the dinner, I think I chatted with everyone, and I have no idea who Roy was talking about in his letter, I guess that goes to show how well I knew everyone there. My suspicions is that the staff there felt that they were treated badly, and decided to take it out on the rest of the group, still, not acceptable if you ask me.

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