Monday, July 02, 2007

Family Reunion in WV

This year we finally got a room at the Philippi Lodging hotel that is just a few minutes from my Grandparents' house. That alone made this year better than last.
From 2007 Family R...

I managed to almost kill myself on a 4 wheeler. I started it up but didn't realize it was in gear when I let off the clutch and it took off. The trouble was, it took me a few seconds to realize what just happened and how to fix it! Grandma Jackie rode on the back of the 4 wheeler too, but my cousin Tommy was driving.

We made a stop at the covered bridge, site of the first land battle of the civil war. I find that kid of stuff interesting, but, I'm not quite sure the rest of the family did. The pictures turned out good though.
From 2007 Family R...

On the list of ad hoc activities was some skeet shooting. I had a blast with the single shot 410. I must have went through an entire box of shells, hitting just about everything after missing my first 3. I hadn't shot a gun in probably 10 years, maybe closer to 15 for a shotgun. After the shooting, the kids went to collect the ones that were missed, accumulating quite a stack!
From 2007 Family R...

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