Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred Thompson 2008

It is time to get political. In 2000, I voted for John McCain in the primary that George W. Bush ultimately won. McCain was the better of two then, and he is looking pretty good to me this year too. But then there is this Fred Thompson guy. I'm not real sure about his politics yet, he is on the conservative side, which is good, but the guy just seems electable too. A simple quote like this one "Communications being what they are nowadays, if you can't get your message out in a few months, you're probably not ever going to get it out." really makes sense. I'm sure some staff fed him that line just in case he was asked, but the delivery was perfect. There is some grumbling about him being an actor, but that doesn't bother me, our last great president was an actor too! A McCain/Thompson vs Clinton/Obama would be one hell of a race in November!


Anonymous said...

Thompson is positioning himself as the conservative savior of the Republican Party. He is surrounding himself with Bush campaign staffers and has brought aboard ex-US Senator from Michigan, Spencer Abraham. All his positions look GREAT! I am concerned that if he hooks up with McCain the pandering to illegals will begin because of who Fred has surrounded himself with.

Kris said...

Are you kidding? They are all a bunch of NeoCon punks who don't give a damn that our dollar is now worth shit, oil is headed towards $100 a barrel, and have no problems continuing or SPREADING an illegal war. Due to the over spending on this war, our country is practically owned by the Chinese whom we continue to barrow money from.

Look into Dr. Ron Paul whom on November 5th raised the second largest amount of money ever in a single day. (4.2 Mil +)Everyone else, both republican and democrat are now one and the same. Why note support the one guy who wants to get America back on the right track?

cryptojoe said...

I've been looking at Ron Paul - but can he win? He has a lot of ideas and promises to change things for the better, but in general, people don't like change, and are unlikely to embrace such a radical shift. That being said, folks really aren't happy with what they have now, Bush's approval rating is low and congress' is even lower. We'll find out at election time if the people are really fed up with the way things are in the federal government, or if they'll stick with the same crowd.