Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I don't have it!

My partially built Elecraft K1 is temporarily no longer in my posesion. Where did it go you ask? I have given it to another ham to look over because I was having trouble with receiving weak signals. For example, with my club's Alinco DX-77 I was tuning around the 40 meter band and heard several CW stations that I could not hear on the K1. I could hear some of the strongest stations with the K1, but they had to be at least S9 signals on the Alinco for me to barely hear them on the Elecraft. I really coudn't figure out what the problem was. So I went looking for help, but I was sure to ask that he let me know what was wrong and how he fixed it so I can try to avoid the same mistake down the road. xallsse

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