Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Vote for Ron Paul

Yesterday was the primary election day in Maryland and it was anything but an ordinary primary. Since my first primary election in 1996 Maryland has never been important, by the time we voted, the nominee had already been chosen. This year was different; nobody had enough delegates to be a sure thing. Since I’m a registered republican, my choices were Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Ron Paul. Before Super Tuesday I was thinking that I might have to support McCain even though I really wanted Paul because I thought McCain would be better than any of the democrat candidates and have a better chance to beat them in the general election. Once I knew McCain was well ahead, I figured I could vote the way I wanted, instead of the way most likely to be successful.

Election night was interesting. The weather was not good with freezing rain and an ice storm warning in the area, Amy and Alex were both sick, and Zoe was wearing one of Alex’s shirts and a pair of his boxer shorts over her clothes. But the desire to vote overcame these things and we all loaded up in the van and went to the polling place. With 3 kids and nobody really feeling well, Amy and I decided to vote in shits shifts, and I went first. For President, I voted for Ron Paul, but for the RNC delegates, I voted for those associated with John McCain, just in case something weird happened. For the Maryland sixth district congressional race, I voted for Roscoe Bartlett. For board of education I voted for Joe & Tony Chmelik, the only candidates to actually communicate with me, even if it was only handing out a flier after mass one Sunday, and I also voted for Ron Bird, because he was first on the list. Most of the candidates for board of education didn’t even get signs out this year. When I returned, Amy gave me some news, Alex had to throw up. I said he was sick! Then it was Amy’s turn to vote and my turn to entertain the children. Fortunately, Alex was feeling much better. Zoe was getting cranky, in our rush to get to the polling place before the weather worsened, we didn’t pack a bottle for her and she really wanted one. It took me about a half hour to get through the line and vote, but Amy returned in about 15 minutes. That was it, we went to the store, then went home to watch Obama and McCain go on to win the night. Ok, really we watched American Idol, but they put the results at the bottom of the screen on Fox 5

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