Thursday, October 09, 2008

Jennifer Dougherty, Maryland 6th District Congressional Candidate

McCain is almost certainly going to be my choice for President this election, as is Roscoe Bartlett, but until now, I really haven't looked into Jennifer Dougherty. So, I have spent some time reading Jennifer's web site.

I don't think I learned much about her platform. Most of her platforms seem to be aligned with Obama, but I don't think that Jennifer realizes that people generally have different expectations of their congressional representation than they do from their president. While there will be many voters who will vote for her because they are voting for Obama and she is another Democrat on the ticket, most voters, especially Maryland's 6th congressional district voters, will vote for a candidate based on the candidate's record, character, and their stance on the issues. Even if Obama gets more votes that McCain here in the 6th district, which is unlikely, I don't think that Jennifer will win.

Roscoe Bartlett isn't the perfect candidate, but I do believe that he looks out for the interests of his constituents, and his votes generally reflect their will. Interestingly enough, the first thing I saw on Jennifer's web site was about Bartlett. Roscoe's web site makes no mention of Jennifer Dougherty that I could find, even by using google to search

I generally don't focus on the negative, but I don't understand how someone could lose a race for mayor in Frederick and expect to win a race for congress in the 6th district.

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