Saturday, October 25, 2008

Official Specimen Ballot

We received our official specimen ballots in the mail and as expected, there are no real good choices for president.

I don't really understand how they figure out the order that the candidates are listed.

For president, it starts with Barack Obama, with John McCain second and some lesser known candidates further down if you are reading top to bottom before left to right. If you read the table left to right then top to bottom Obama would be first, with Nader second, and McCain third.

The order seems random, with the exception of the Democrats being first and Republicans being second. It doesn't go by alphabetical order for the first or last name, state, or even party.

The same goes with the candidates for Maryland's 6th congressional district. It starts with Jennifer Dougherty then Roscoe Bartlett, with Gary W. hoover, Sr. at the bottom for the Libertarian party.

The common theme, well, the top slot in both cases is occupied by Democrats. I wonder if it is just a coincidence or something more.

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