Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Another New Job

Finally, I’m working again. My first few days were crazy, an e-mail server was down with a disk array failure and the backups were not all that great. To make a long story short, after trying for a couple of days to save all of their data, we had to restore the e-mail from a backup taken on August second. Even then, we had to repair the database which took about ten hours or so. I was even on the phone for a good hour or so during my trip to Ocean City on Saturday. I think I’ll like the job, it seems like the IT department here is going in the right direction, even though it is federal government work. Its also in Washington DC, so, my commute is horrid. My hours won’t seem to work out very well with the MARC train, so, I make the drive down I270 to the Shady Grove Metro station, and then take the Metro to my stop. The trip takes about an hour and a half each way. I’m glad to be working again, and Amy is glad I’m back to work too.

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