Monday, August 15, 2005

Gas Prices Change (Go Up)

Ok, so, gas prices are high, we all know that, and they probably aren’t going down any time soon. What happened to me yesterday at the pump was a first. I get my gas at Costco wholesale, since I have a membership already, it pays for me to save five to ten cents per gallon on every fill up. I didn’t notice the price on the sign when I pulled into the station, really, would I skip the fill up if the price was too high? Since its Costco, I know it is the cheapest I can get. I pull up to the pump, get out of the car, and the pump had “reserved” on the display screen and didn’t respond to my card or anything. The price on the pump read $2.459. That is a hefty price for gas, but a full ten cents cheaper than the Exxon, the next closest station. After a few minutes, you could see the pump display screen downloading a new configuration, poof, the price turned to $2.479. Wow, the price changed while I was at the pump, ok, things are getting out of hand. Not that there was anything I could do about it, so, I complained to myself, pumped my gas, and got on my way.

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