Thursday, July 02, 2009

Alex's Cub Scout Day Camp Achievements

I figured that Alex would do a few requirements and earn a few belt loops at Cub Scout Day Camp, but I was a little surprised at just how much he had done. I remember a little about being in day camp, but I don't remember earning so much.

Wolf Badge Requirements:
1a, Play catch with someone 10 steps away. Play until you can throw and catch.
1b, Walk a line back and forth. Do it sideways too. Then walk the edge of a board six steps each way.
1c, Do a front roll.
1d, Do a back roll.
1e, Do a falling forward roll.
1f, See how high you can jump.
2e, Learn how to raise a U.S. flag properly for an outdoor ceremony.
2f, Participate in an outdoor flag ceremony.
2g, With the help of another person, fold the U.S. flag.
5d, Show how to use a hammer.

Wolf Electives:
4c, Play Ring Toss.
4f, Play a wide-area or large group game with your den or pack.
11e, Learn and sing a song that would be sung as a grace before meals. Write the words in the space below.
11f, Sing a song with your den at a pack meeting. (he already did this one)
17a, Learn to tie an overhand knot and a square knot.
18f (1 event), Take part in two summertime pack events with your den.
19a, Identify five different kinds of fish.
19b, Rig a pole with the right kind of line and hook. Attach a bobber and sinker, if you need them. Then go fishing.
19c, Fish with members of your family or an adult. Bait your hook and do your best to catch a fish.
19d, Know the rules of safe fishing.
19e, Tell about some of the fishing laws where you live.
19f, Show how to use a rod and reel.
20a, Play a game of tennis, table tennis, or badminton.
20c, Earn the Cub Scouting shooting sports Archery belt loop.
20k, Show how to dribble and kick a soccer ball. Take part in a game.
20n, Earn the Cub Scouting shooting sports BB-gun shooting belt loop.
20o, With your den, participate in four outdoor physical fitness-related activities.
23e, Attend day camp in your area.

He earned the following:
Fishing belt loop
Weather belt loop
Astronomy belt loop
BB Gun Shooting belt loop
Archery belt loop
Archery Pin
Soccer belt loop
Badmitten belt loop
Golf belt loop

Completed some requirements for the following:
Fishing Pin – # 3, 4, and 11 (4 of the 5 times fishing)
Wildlife Conservations belt loop – number 1
Weather Pin requirements 1 and 2.
Astronomy Pin requirements 2 and 4.
Outdoor Activity Award – 1, 2, 11, and 13
Leave No Trace Pledge and 1, 4, 5
World Conservation Award – #2 – 1 of 2 parts

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