Sunday, July 05, 2009

Durnal Family Reunion, Philippi WV, Day 2

Ok, there were so many other folks there who I don't know their names.

Bill Durnal
Ashley Durnal
Bill's girlfriend
Connie Stout
Allen Stout
Wendy's sister & her SO

And several older people that I don't really know. Since BJ & Bill don't mix, he didn't come over but I brought his children, Chloe and Calin (I guess that is how it is spelled).

I know that the highlight of Harmony's day was coming to the hotel for a few minutes and getting on the internet. She also really enjoyed holding sleepy Zoe.

The family fireworks were awesome this year. We started a little early because it was starting to rain.

As always, it was great catching up with everyone.

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