Saturday, July 04, 2009

Durnal Family Reunion, Philippi WV, Day 1

It was great to see everyone again, well, almost everyone. Lets see if I can list the attendees, and no, I don't know all of their last names, but I'll give it a guess.

Robert G. Durnal
Wilma Durnal
Joseph Martin Durnal (that's an easy one)
Amy Lynn Durnal
Alexander Hamilton Durnal
Aidan Joseph Durnal
Zoe Lynn Durnal
Tammy Vreeland
Harmony Stout
Kirsten Vreeland
Brooke Vreeland
Robin Mallory
Kris Mallory
Aaron Mallory
Sonny Durnal
Rebbecca Durnal
Kaleb Durnal
Nathan Durnal
Either Kaleb or Nathan's girlfriend
Diane Zentgraf
Joyce Haggins
Gloria Welsh
Jim Durnal
Diena Durnal
Rachel Durnal
Robby Durnal the elder
Wendy Durnal
Robby Durnal the junior
BJ Bolton
Chloe Bolton
OMG I forgot the baby's name Carlie? Bolton
Joe Sidel
Teddy Sidel

I wonder if I forgot anyone. I bet Robin would have expected me to include Bear, but if I included Bear, there are like 50 other dogs I'd have to include! And maybe some goats and chickens.

Adults did a lot of talking and kids did a lot of playing. Around 9, Amy and I packed up our three, Aaron, Kirsten, and Brooke to go see the fireworks. We always forget that they don't start until 10, but it wasn't bad, we got a decent parking spot.

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Robin said...

I cannot believe you didn't list Bear Mallory.