Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Playing Knights of the Old Republic

I have once again found myself interested in Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic game for the Xbox. This game is awesome, even for a guy who isn’t into the whole role playing/turn based combat type games. So far, I think the game is telling a great story, since I’m not much of a book reader, this is the closest thing to a good novel I can think of.

My progress so far:

Well, I started over after killing the Dark Jedi, Juhani, on Dantooine. Since I’m playing toward the light side, I thought that killing her wasn’t the right move, but I couldn’t seem to find a dialog that would work. I soon figured out my mistake, but didn’t have a save that I could go back to.

My new game is going well, I have completed the missions on Taris and Dantooine, right now I’m working on quests and side quests on Tatooine. I still have a long way to go I’m sure, I have been referring often to a walk through, I found online, but I’ve not had to rely on it completely. For example, the side quest where you have to save the guy (Tanis?) from his droids which have been programmed to explode by his wife, I just figured out the simple math problems on my own, with a lot of saving of course.

I find myself getting really into the story of it all, until last night, I have put at least one hour a day into the game, often times two. I’m trying to limit my playing time to no more than two hours per day. Tonight I’ll probably play for two hours, starting around seven o’clock after dinner and up until nine when the amazing race comes on. Amy and I like watching certain TV shows together. Some, like Gilmore Girls, at eight on Tuesdays, I’m not as interested in.

I think this is a game that my mother would like to play, but she doesn’t have an Xbox. There are a few action sequences that fall out of the turn based role playing game genra, such as swoop bike racing and the Sith fighter attacks when you jump between planets in the Ebon Hawk. I’m not sure how she’d like that, but most of the rest of the game seems like something she’d like.

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