Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Waiting Around for a Webcast

My afternoon will probably be a busy one, but for now, I have some time while waiting for a Microsoft Webcast on the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer to being. I’m still using the borrowed laptop here at work; I will be stopping by the IT office later today when I am in the other building. I need to go through a lot of basic training on general IT practices, something they call the qualification card, in order to get systems admin access. Its all right, but I have over 10 users computer experience and ninety percent of what is covered, isn’t what I’ll be focusing on day to day.

I’m looking forward to getting into the day to day life of an Exchange engineer again. I’ve already started a little troubleshooting on the system I’ll be responsible for, but I’m still pretty limited with my current access, and computer. I’ll need some admin rights, and a computer with Windows XP SP1 or better before I can be effective. For now, I am just answering general questions about Exchange functionality. Some things will be new to me, since this Exchange system is a hosted solution that will be shared between several clients, I’m sure it will have some unique issues, one being that Outlook Access is only available to premium users, so I suspect many users will be limited to Outlook Web Access. While OWA is good, it will present users with some difficulty, such as not being able to set up a reply to address, a question we have already been asked.

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