Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alex’s Archery Cease Fire

So, Amy was telling me the story of a parent that caused a bit of a ruckus at the archery range at Cub Scout day camp the other day. I was hoping Amy would blog it but she’s been so busy with school lately, blogging is about the last thing on her mind.

One of the rules on the archery range is that anyone can say “cease fire” if there is an emergency, but only in an emergency, and the boys were given instructions for what to do if they hear anyone at all say “cease fire”. So, the kids were winding up, most with only one or two arrows left, and a parent who was getting bored apparently said something to the effect of “cease fire already, isn’t it time to rotate”. Of course, a couple of the boys heard, and they put down their bows and arrows and put their hands in the air! Once a few boys did it, all the boys did it, because that is what they were supposed to do. The adults running the range and their Boy Scout helpers were a little confused, but then one of the boys that heard pointed out the parent that said it, who got a little talking too.
Alex hadn’t hit the target that day, the first day of Cub Scout day camp, but I’m happy to report improvement, he is hitting the target and hay bale now!

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