Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Amy's Tiger Cub Scout Bridging Ceremony

Amy found out at the last minute that the pack was having each den leader do their own bridging ceremony to celebrate the boys moving on to the next year of Cub Scouts. Of course, we found out at the last minute, so I thought I'd help by trying to come up with an idea. And I did. Socks. My idea was to get the boys all new Cub Scout socks that are blue with gold tops. None of the boys had Cub Scout socks, although Alex did have Tiger Cub socks, but those are blue with orange tops. My idea contained the basic elements. Amy says something, the boys take off their shoes and socks, cross the bridge, and put on their new socks. I'm not sure who's idea singing the song was, maybe Amy's, but it is something I'd probably have thought of too.

(To be read by den leader or asst)
Tiger Cubs! It has been an awesome year, hasn't it? You all started off, as every Cub Scout does in his journey, by learning the cub scout promise, motto, law of the pack, and sign. This earned you the bobcat badge you wear on your uniforms. Then you made a scrapbook, went on a hike, learned about the food pyramid, visited a museum and a radio station, learned about fire safety, and for all these things and more you earned the tiger badge you wear on your uniforms. But you didn't stop there, you went above and beyond, had more fun, and earned more awards. You built a car and raced in the pinewood derby, you figured out how to drop raw eggs out of a window without them breaking, and you raced in an outdoor obstacle course. Just look at your uniform, look at your badges and belt loops, take a moment to remember. Take a moment to smile.

(To be read by den leader or asst)
Tiger Cubs! I have bad news. This year is over. The good news is that fun isn't! It is time for you to take your place by this bridge, which represents the crossover point you are now at in your lives. When I call your name, come up with your parent, take your place in line, and stand proud.

Boy 1
Boy 2
Boy 3
Boy 4
Boy 5
Boy 6

(To be read by den leader or asst)
Tiger Cubs! For the last year you have been wearing the colors of orange and black. These are the colors of a tiger, and you have worn them proudly! Show honor to these colors, by taking off your hat, slide, and neckerchief and give them carefully to your parents for safe keeping. Consider storing these for your own memories, or pass them down to a new tiger cub who would also wear them with pride.

(To be read by den leader or asst)
Cub Scouts! It is time for you to walk among other Cub Scouts, and wear the colors of blue and gold. The blue stands for honesty, faith, loyalty, and the sky above. The gold stands for good cheer, happiness, and warm sunlight. Before you cross the bridge and begin working on your wolf rank requirements, take off your shoes and socks! Leave your socks behind, your new, blue and gold cub scout socks will be waiting for you when you cross the bridge and become a Wolf cub scout. Walk your journey in them proudly! Don’t forget to take your shoes, because you will need them for many of the activities ahead of you while working on your Wolf rank and arrow points! Now cross the bridge and put on your new socks to take your first steps in as a Wolf Cub Scout!

(Once all the scouts are over the bridge, have socks on and standing with wolf books in hand they sing...)
Scout socks they never get dirty,
the longer you wear them the stronger they get.
Sometimes I think I should wash them,
but something inside me says don't do it yet.
Not yet. Not yet.
(yells) Don't do it yet!

So, there it is. It is sort of a variation of the neckerchief changing ceremony, where the boy takes off their Tiger Cub neckerchief and puts on their new Wolf Cub Scout neckerchief. But that gets done all the time, and well, our boys don't even really like the neckerchief anyway, so what would be in that for them? Not much.

The socks though, were a hit, the boys were very excited to get new socks. My thought from the very beginning was that boys just like socks. I guess I was right. I get the feeling that these bridging ceremonies are mainly for the parents, but we wanted to make sure the boys enjoyed it too!

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