Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New Game : Madden NFL 2005

I started playing a new game on the Xbox recently, Madden NFL 2005. I didn’t think I’d get into it as much as I have. I bought it because it was only $20, but I’ve gotten hooked, especially since starting the franchise game as the Ravens. I was 2-2 in preseason, but so far, I’m 9-0 in the regular season. Even though some of the games have been too close for my liking, I’m hoping to go perfect, at least perfect in the AFC North. I whipped up on the Jets 65 to 14 in my last game. I’m ranked #1 in everything but rushing. Most of the defenses the CPU controls are really good at defending the run, or ate least I’m no good. Early on, play action would confuse me more than it would the CPU defense, but now I’ve got it figured out. Anyway, I’m really enjoying this game.

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