Monday, February 21, 2005

Washington’s Birthday (Presidents Day)

Working on a Federal government contract has its benefits, as in being off on Federal holidays. Having no real plans for the day, I decided sometime this morning to take Alex on a little trip down to DC. I wasn’t sure of the weather, so, it may have ended up being a trip on the Metro to Union Station and back, but it was looking rather nice out, so I decided to stop at the Farragut North station on the way home and take the half mile walk to the White House with Alex, it is Presidents Day after all.

I snapped a few pictures, starting with Alex on the Metro:

Alex liked riding on the Metro Trains, on the trip down, he fell asleep, but all the excitement of trains at Union Station and a little coke, sure did wake him up.

Alex in front of the White House:

Alex's legs were getting a little tired by the time we got to the White House, he wanted to sit for a little bit. He wanted to get the squirrels that were inside the White House fence, I had to tell him to get down off the fence.

And Alex in front of a truck he really liked:

If you know Alex, he enjoyed being photographed in front of that truck a lot more than the one in front of the White House. The truck was part of a construction crew working on Pennsylvania Ave in front of the White House.

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