Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Alex

Today is Alex's birthday. He is 7 years old. Hopefully Aidan & Zoe don't get into his cake and we can have some tonight. His party was yesterday and his gifts were right on target. A skateboard, helmet, & pads from his Grandma Debbie along Bakugan stuff from my mom, Robin, and a friend.

Alex's main gift from us was back ordered and I didn't realize it. I ordered him the Cub Scout day pack. He still got a box of other Cub Scout stuff: t-shirt, wallet, pencil, reminder band, and for next year, socks, wolf neckerchief and slide, and also on back order, a Cub Scout belt. I think that is everything.

Alex really wanted to have lots of friends over, but we like to keep these things low key, so, we let him invite two friends, but one of them couldn't make it. I think this was good enough for Alex though, maybe next year we can expand on it a little.

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