Monday, March 23, 2009

Will I Participate in the WPX Contest

One of my more favorite amateur radio contests is the CQ magazine WPX contest. The scoring is based on the amateur call sign prefix, meaning that while each contact you make counts as a point, each one with a different prefix is a score multiplier. So, if you contact N3XYZ, N3ABC, W3QRZ, W3QSL, & KB3ZZZ, your score would be 15, because you worked 5 stations with 3 different prefixes.

This is where my call sign, NE3R is awesome. Early in the contest, nobody seems to care, but on Sunday, folks are really out to get those multipliers, and my station becomes pretty popular. There just aren't that many stations on the air with an NE3 prefix. The FCC shows 29 call signs starting with NE3, but I've only ever met 2 others on the air. Compared to over 15,000 N3 calls, or over 17,000 KI4 calls, NE3 is pretty rare.

Also this weekend is the Greater Baltimore Hamboree & Computerfest, which I haven't been to in a while. That would make a pretty good Saturday morning. Aaron's pinewood derby race is also Saturday which might be fun to attend. So, I have no shortage of things to do this weekend!

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