Friday, July 08, 2005

Google Earth, I actually Used It

So I complained a lot about Google Earth a few days ago. Today, I actually made use of it. I was trying to pinpoint an APRS digipeater on the map when all I had was its latitude and longitude coordinates. After some conversion from degrees, minutes, and seconds to decimal degrees, I was able to do just that. Google Earth has a nice feature that will allow you to draw a line from one point on the map to another and measure the distance, so I used that to see how far I was from the digipeater. The white diagonal line is my measurement; I’m 9.72 miles away from the digipeater. I should be able to hit that on low power, but with my indoor antenna mounted horizontally on my air return vent, I can’t seem to get through, although I can hear it just fine. Hopefully when I get a more permenant antenna set up I’ll be able to turn the power down.


puranjaym said...

There is also another service similar to google earth it is located on microsoft's terra server it has got much better deal , really good if you live in Usa, you can search for it on google.

DJSlim said...

I started playing around with google earth a couple of weeks ago. it is fun to play around with but to much data is still unavailable.