Monday, July 11, 2005

Water Heater Installed, Still no AC

They came to install the water heater today. It didn’t take very long and surprisingly, there were no additional charges for anything, which is good, considering what I’ve already paid. I was a little worried about that because it was a much bigger unit than the one that was installed originally. I snapped a photo, that thing at the top is the expansion tank.

I hope I can get my air conditioner fixed sometime soon. We've had it off all this time but today it is very hot and I was hoping to be able to use it. Preparing for the hot weather, I turned it on yesterday, hoping it would work but it didn't. It seems that the compressor is tripping the breaker. I took a close look to see if I could see any obvious wiring problems or signs of arcing, but there were none. So, it looks like a professional will have to be called in for this job.

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