Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Battlefield Vietnam F4 Phantom

What a day – spent the work day in a pretty long IM argument with Amy.  Basically, I need to communicate better to her.  On the way home, I bought her some roses and a DVD.  The DVD was 50 first dates, one that she wanted.  That was accompanied with an apology of course.

While Amy watched the reality show, “Trading Spouses” I played some Battlefield Vietnam.  I spent my game trying to get good at flying the F4 Phantom.  The jets in BFV are a lot better than they were in Desert Combat.  The physics in DC were no developed for vehicles with that kind of speed since it was only a mod of Battlefield 1942.  I never really got good, but I got a couple of kills.  Of course, those were bots.  I’ll see how I do against the living in a little more than a week when Richard has his LAN party.

Also at work, I attended a few meetings on integrating a newly acquired company’s e-mail system to our own.  What fun, the way projects work around there are a little chaotic.  There is no overall plan of action.  Also finalized what the routing group connectors should look like now, and after the Exchange 2003/site consolidation projects.  

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Anonymous said...

Well stop making her so mad. LOL : ) Atleast you made up for it and apologized- Robin