Thursday, July 22, 2004

Busy day with magic tickets

The helpdesk system they use where I work is called Magic.  I don't think I like it very much, it is a little slow and web based.  It seems to work, although some of the forms we use are not designed the best.  I must have closed 20 tickets today.  One ticket that I got yesterday was to do an e-mail restore for the CFO of the company who some how deleted most of their inbox in a way that we were not able to recover from the online system.  I started work on it and quickly realized that the restore lab that was set up a while ago was in bad shape.  In short, the Active Directory in there didn't work, and without the AD, there wasn't much I could do.  Since the person was so high profile, and I was on call and had to handle all incoming tickets, I really didn't have time to do it and assigned the ticket to my cube mate.

Got home took some generic tylenol for my heache and laid down in bed for a while.  I ended up falling a sleep, when Amy called me for dinner, I didn't come down stairs.  She came up and woke me up since I am the one who asked her to make spaghetti.  I also had to fix the computer, well, Amy wanted a font installed, I installed it but it didn't show up for her.  Rebooting the computer fixed it.  Rebooting computers fixes most of their problems.  The font is for our wedding invitations that we are printing out ourselves. 

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