Saturday, July 24, 2004

Weekend movie, wedding prep, & shopping

I was watching the news this morning and realized that something I thought I saw was real.   It sounds kind of weird when I said it that way.  Anyway, I was driving to work one morning last week and it was a really hazy morning.  So hazy that you could look right at the sun and not go blind, but still see it clearly.  I saw what looked like a large sun spot, but thought to myself, that can’t be a sun spot, you really can’t see those with your eyes.  Then I heard about it on CNN, and realized that that must have been what I was seeing after all.

Amy and I finally saw Spiderman 2.  It was pretty good, we went to an early show after eating lunch at Quiznos Subs.  After that we came home to get Amy’s dress to take it to the cleaners, we looked one up in the phone book and went to look for it.  We couldn’t find it so we had to come back home to look at the phone book again.  I decided to call, the phone number was disconnected.  So, we called a different dry cleaner, they were open, and actually closer than the one we were going to go to.  After that we went to the mall to have Amy’s engagement ring bonded to her wedding ring.  They should fit better that way, the wedding ring is more of a wrap for the engagement ring.  They were not a set and did not mate perfectly so getting them bonded seemed like the way to go.  We also looked at pearl necklaces, Amy has always wanted one.  They happened to be on sale and in my price range, so, I asked Amy if she wanted one.  After looking at them and trying one on, she said she wanted it.  I really wanted to get it for her, so, I did.

More shopping after that as we went to Costco.  We really didn’t need much except for soda.  We picked up Mountain Dew, Coke, & Sprite in that department.  We picked up a few other things, cereal, dish washing tabs, soap, etc.  I also needed coffee but they didn’t have what I wanted so we went to Giant and got that, milk, & a bag of baked lays, our favorite chips in the world.

Last night, after Alex was picked up we decided to grab salads at McDonalds for dinner.  I can see why McDonalds sells salads, they are pretty expensive for what you get, I’m sure they are making a ton of money off of them.  I took Amy up to the court house because they said something about doing the short ceremony outside if the weather was nice and she wanted to see the outside of the courthouse.  We also took a walk along Carroll Creek, since that is right around there and I want to get my dollars worth out of our parking space. 

Last night we also went shopping, I got a new suit to get married in, along with new shirt and tie.  I bought Andrew a tie.  Andrew’s tie isn’t the best, but all the clip on ties really didn’t look that great.  Everybody has clothes to wear, although I have to ask Andrew’s mother if his dress shoes still fit.  Amy and I also went out to TGI Fridays last night and had a drink with Brad and some of his friends.  We just decided to do that on the spur of the moment, it was kind of fun.  We don’t go out much because we normally have Alex, or are busy with other things around the house.

So now, it is almost time for dinner, and Amy has agreed to watch the Bourne Identity with me and possibly even go to see the Bourne Supremacy with me tomorrow.  Busy busy weekend.

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