Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Dress and ring(s)

After work today we went to pick up Amy’s newly cleaned wedding dress. It looks a lot whiter than it did before. We also picked up her engagement right that has been bonded to her wedding ring. Now, she can’t wear it until we are married. We did it early just in case it got messed up or needed more work.

Just saw an ad on AIM that was a little weird, it was a rocket flying around my desktop. At first I didn’t know it was AIM, but when the rocket flew into the AIM advertising area, I realized it was an AIM advertisement for a movie called Thunderbirds.

Exchange 2003 – coming to a network near me . I’m working on yet again another Exchange 2003 project. Also integrating an acquired company, had a lot of trouble, turned out that the firewall wasn’t letting it through. Hopefully that is fixed and tomorrow it will work. Also went to Fuddruckers for lunch, ate a burger and played Galaga & Mrs. Pacman. Sung and Aaron are really good at Galaga, Sung cleaned up on Mrs. Pacman also. I pretty much suck at both.

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