Saturday, July 31, 2004

Two days without an entry

Well I’ve gone my first two days without posting an entry in the blog. Oh well. I’ve been a little busy. Thursday at work I had a lot to do, the whole messaging team went to the data center in Owings Mills to see the Network Appliance storage lab. It was pretty cool, but some of the demonstrations we were supposed to see didn’t work. The cool part about that place is that it is an emergency relocation office for critical business functions. It has this huge warehouse type room filled with fairly new Pentium 4 Compaq Deskpro computers with dual monitors and a phone at every station. It is basically just tables laid out in rows, nothing fancy, but cool none the less. I thought of one thing, LAN party! Fridays are long days for me, I get to work at 7, hang around there until 5:30 or so, then leave to go get Andrew at 7 to bring him to my house for the weekend. That is every other Friday of course. Yesterday I also hit hard on the Exchange 2003 design for my company. We have some crazy disaster recovery requirements that I’m sure will be toned down once they see how much it will cost to implement. We have Microsoft and Network Appliance engineers coming to our office on August 5th, and I have a lot of design points that I must finish before then.

That brings us to the weekend with the kids. Taking care of them, going shopping, finishing the grass, doing laundry and other odds and ends will be the theme. Hopefully we will get some swimming time in there if it is nice!

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Anonymous said...

Take the kids swimming as much as possible - it's Andy's very favorite thing. Before you know it, summer will be over. Mom