Friday, July 23, 2004

Couldn't print response cards

My titles won't make a lot of sense in these entries.  I always have more than one thing to talk about.  Today I was supposed to print up our wedding invitatinos.  I had a little trouble printing them, but I eventually got them to print.  The little response cards, however, were a different story, they would not feed through the printer because they were to small.  We want to send out the response cards so we know how many people to plan for.  Its not a great big deal if we don't have them, it is going to be a small informal wedding, but we would rather have them than not.  Maybe we will hand write them :).

Work today was a bit better than yesterday.  When I got in this morning, I realized that the mail restore from the day before was still in progress.  The data had been restored to our restore server, but the database was corrupted and needed to be repaired before we could get the mail out of it.  My cube mate was working on it until well after midnight.  I checked it out a little after 7 this morning and was able to see exactly where he left off.  Basically, the command to repair the corrupted database took about 6 hours to run.  I was able to mount the store (database), connect to the user's restored mailbox, and move the deleted mail to the user's actual mailbox.  Restoring e-mail isn't the simplest thing in the world, especially not with Microsoft Exchange.  It does get a little easier in Exchange 2003.

This weekend will be busy, I have to cut the grass, do laundry, do some wedding things like take Amy’s dress to the cleaners.  We also are going to see Spider Man 2.  If I’m really lucky, we will be able to see the Bourne Supremacy too.  I really liked The Bourne Identity and I’m hoping I’ll like the sequel as much.  I’m not sure if Amy has seen The Bourne Identity, I probably asked her, and she told me if she did or not, but I forgot.  Something tells me that I asked and she said she did but didn’t like it that much.

I can remember the phone number I had when I was three years old (304-823-2053) but I can’t remember a lot of stuff today.  If I could just purge all that useless info, my brain might be able to retain more important things.


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