Sunday, July 25, 2004

When Sunday is really Monday

I had an urgent incident at work late Sunday night.  Someone wasn’t able to log into their office web mail.  For that user, it was Monday morning, they were in Australia.  It wasn’t a big deal, just a password issue that I shouldn’t have been called on anyway.  It brought back memories of one of my old jobs when I was dealing with New Zealand, Japan, & Europe office all the time.  With the way the company I work for now is growing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a European or Asian office pop up.  Right now it is just one or two users here and there that use web mail.

Amy and I saw the Bourne Supremacy today, it was pretty good.  Amy liked it more than I thought she would.  We also mailed out our last few wedding invitations, although they won’t get picked up until tomorrows mail. 

Well, it is late, time to go to bed.

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