Thursday, September 02, 2004

Amy and the Driver's Handbook

tunaepyrgna: Have you ever actually tried to read this
god forsaken handbook? Its reads like a college
philosophy book.

tunaepyrgna: "You look with your eyes but see with
your mind."
CryptoJoe2600: well, in 1993 I read it.
tunaepyrgna: Oh wow...Now I'm heading into the some
more sample questions..Too bad I can see the answers
before I even read the question.
CryptoJoe2600: heh, that sucks
tunaepyrgna: Hey. I think I've got all of these questions
before when I took my permit tests...the 15 times I did it.
CryptoJoe2600: sounds easy
tunaepyrgna: I guess...I just wish there was option
number e. Run over the officer and then he won't be a
problem anymore.
CryptoJoe2600: LOL
tunaepyrgna: The best way to tell if you are permitted
to pass other vehicles is to see if:

CryptoJoe2600: (they are going to slow)
tunaepyrgna: Hidden option number e. There are any
cops around so you know you won't get caught when
you do it.
tunaepyrgna: When on a short entrance to an interstate
where there is no acceleration lane: e. Plow into traffic
as fast as you possible can and pray no one hits you.

CryptoJoe2600: LOL
CryptoJoe2600: f: stop, wait for the road to be built
properly, then go
tunaepyrgna: Seriously though, I know the "right"
answers...but I also know the answers that the test
should have because that what real drivers do.
CryptoJoe2600: yeah
tunaepyrgna: No one checks for the markings on the
lane anymore..they just look for cops.
tunaepyrgna: Of course..if they arn't plowing into traffic
they are stopped and waiting for traffic to suddenly
notice them.
tunaepyrgna: Oh man...they say that I can't drag race.
CryptoJoe2600: ha
tunaepyrgna: Oh, and if I am involved in a crash I must
stop my vehicle.
CryptoJoe2600: what if you were involved in a crash
while running a red light? You are supposed to stop at
those too.
tunaepyrgna: It also says that I must stop as close to
the scene as possible.
CryptoJoe2600: Sounds like you will have a good
jurnal entry today
tunaepyrgna: So does that mean that I need to stay
stopped in the middle of the intersection?
CryptoJoe2600: hmm, what about those signs that say
move vehicles from travel lanes?

tunaepyrgna: Oh wait, just read a little further..yes I am
supposed to move my car from the line of traffic. So, if I
get involved in an accident at an intersection, I must stop
my vehicle in the intersection, identify myself and help
anyone that is injured, and then move my car away from
the crash.
CryptoJoe2600: What if you have to pee real bad?
tunaepyrgna: Well, I'm assuming if you have to pee real
bad than once another car hit you (or you hit another
car) the force would have made you pee already.
CryptoJoe2600: LOL
tunaepyrgna: "Keep your mind on your driving, obey
the laws, be courteous to other highway users, and you
will never have to blame yourself for the death or injury
of another human being."
tunaepyrgna: Well, thats good to know!
tunaepyrgna: So, if I hit a kid on a bike who wasn't
wearing the proper safety gear, and I obeyed all the laws
and thought only about my driving..then it isn't my fault he
is dead. Go me.
tunaepyrgna: they are teaching me how to
CryptoJoe2600: Cool!
tunaepyrgna: Oh man! Its telling me not to cut trucks
off! It doesn't say anything about cutting cars off though,
so I guess that is still ok.
tunaepyrgna: Hey, do you think I can borrow your cell
phone when taking my driving test? I wanna talk on it
the whole time (while driving perfectly) and see if I fail.
tunaepyrgna: Oh, or better yet..I want to stay up the
night before and when I'm driving I will be so tired I want
to pull over and take a nap in the back seat just like the
book reccomends.
tunaepyrgna: He can't fail me for that..the book told me
to do it!
CryptoJoe2600: LOL
CryptoJoe2600: You are having to much fun with this
CryptoJoe2600: Can I post this conversation on my

tunaepyrgna: I guess if you want.

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You guys are goobers..... Robin